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Coaching Testimonials:

-Katy Katman

I think you should coach with Molly
if you want to do more than just scratch the surface.
If you want to experience excitement, spiritual connection
and those a-ha moments, coach with her.

- Jen Dibella

For me, it's been invaluable.
When I look back at my business and our coaching,
which started at the same time, just over a year ago,
I feel like the course of my business and it' success would
not have been the same with Molly's Coaching.

Greater self-awareness, more money, more clients, time saved…
all of these things have come into my life since coaching with Molly.

- Marie Poza

Molly is highly intuitive, inspirational and love-filled.
She has made such a HUGE impact on my life!

- Gail Gendron

Human Design Testimonials:

“My friend won’t stop talking about her chart.
Thank you, Molly! I’m sending everyone I love to have a reading with you.”

"I have been telling everyone about our session!
The part that resonates with me MOST is knowing
as a pure generator, I don't have to be hard on myself for not initiating tasks…
It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

“Molly, your reading was so helpful.
I’ve been meditating on connecting deeper with my spleen center,
and listening to its wisdom/my intuition. Thank you!”

“You’ve inspired me to investigate my human design further.
I even had my friend get her chart. Thank you!”

- Stacey Gersten

- Katy Leigh

- Megan Hoernke

- Sirena Bernal

"Molly Rider is an incredibly talented. In my reading she gave
me several breakthrough pieces of information and big AHA'S!
If you want to know how to play up your strengths and
overcome your challenges, book a reading NOW!"

- Ryan James Lock

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